Road works FAQs

1. My road is being resurfaced but they keep doing bits and going away and then coming back, why is this?

The resurfacing in your road requires different activities to be carried out at different stages, and on different days. These works are carried out between the start and finish dates we provided in our notification letters and on signage in the street. For instance the road may need cracks sealing before the surface material is laid.


2. My road is being resurfaced, but not all of it was done, why is this?

All roads in the borough are broken down into section lengths based on their condition. Not all of these sections require repair as a result of the inspections that we carry out, hence you may see only part of a road repaired. We continue to monitor the remaining sections and they will be treated at the appropriate time.


3. My road is being resurfaced, will the lines be put back as part of the works?

When we resurface a road the road markings are replaced either immediately or within a few days. We also check that they are compliant with the latest regulations and there may be some minor changes as a result.


4. Noisy roadworks took place outside my property overnight and I was not informed that they were happening. Why are they carried out at night and not during the day?

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the overnight works. We are required by legislation to work on some roads at night on the strategic road network, to ensure that we minimise disruption to road users. We endeavour to inform residents by letter drops and advance warning signs of impending works.


5. Works are happening nearby or in the next road, what will the effect be on my road?

Any impact on your road will be managed by local traffic management. If your access is restricted you will be informed directly.


6. I have received a letter advising me that you will be working in my street and I wanted you to know that there is a defect which needs doing while you are there.

Please report this via our Contact page. We appreciate you letting us know about this defect, and will include it in our assessment of the works that we need to do.


7. My property has been damaged by your team working in my street. Who do I contact about it?

Please contact us through our Contact page so that we can investigate further.


8. I have received several letters advising me of different dates for the works in my street, it is confusing.

We have a substantial programme of works being carried out in the borough which is subject to change. This can be caused by different factors including weather, vehicle breakdowns and third party delays. When this happens we endeavour to notify residents on each occasion and we therefore advise that you take note of the most recent communication and any notices placed in the street.


9. You have stopped me parking on my drive / outside my property whilst you are carrying out works in my street. Why is this?

When we carry out footway and carriageway improvements it is sometimes necessary to restrict the crossing of the footpath by vehicles. We will minimise this period as much as possible but it is a necessary requirement of the works. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time.


10. The works which have been carried out in my street are of a poor standard, what are you going to do to ensure that they are improved?

All of our works are carried out to a contract performance standard. We carry out our own series of checks to make sure that these are met and the council employs an independent certifier who polices the work that we do. If any works have failed these tests they will be rectified.


11. I am surprised to see that other roads, which appear better than mine, are being resurfaced first. My road is not being resurfaced until 2017 or at all It is in an appalling condition, and is a frequently used rat-run for through traffic.

The scheduling of carriageway resurfacing is subject to surveys and modelling which predict the most efficient period during which the works should be carried out. Although we see the surface condition and judge the carriageway upon this, the science delves far deeper than this and picks up the faults which we would not be immediately aware of, but which over time carry a worse threat to traffic and pedestrian movement in the area. During the intervening period we have an enhanced programme of inspections which ensure that the road condition is maintained to the requirements of the contract.

The annual road condition survey is currently under way and this determines if any roads have deteriorated sufficiently to accelerate them in the programme of works. The outcome of this survey will be analysed to determine if changes to the programme for the following year are required..

We also carry out a large programme of preventative maintenance to roads. Often if a road is showing the early stages of deterioration it can be over-laid with a thin treatment that waterproofs the road structure and restores the surface condition. For this reason it may sometimes appear that we are resurfacing a road that is a relatively good standard.


12. You did some work in my street recently and it took longer than I would have expected.

The works are carried out under a fixed price and as such costs are not determined by the duration of each job. We carry out the works to ensure that we minimise traffic disruption and network occupation amongst other considerations, and on occasion this may appear to take longer than usual as we try to accommodate all constraints.


13. I have received a letter informing me that you are going to be carrying out work on my road. I am disabled or I require 24/7 access to my property. What can you do to help me?

Please submit a form on the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website or phone the Customer Call Centre on 0208 583 2000 to alert us. We will arrange for the project manager to contact you on the day before the works are due to commence to discuss the works and how we can assist you. Safety of our staff and members of the public is paramount so there will be times when for health and safety reasons you may be asked to wait while the operatives make the areas safe for the residents to gain access to their property. But, please be assured that our operatives will do all they can to assist where needed.


14. My road has just been surfaced with a material called Microsurfacing, what is this?

Microsurfacing is a very fast to apply cold surfacing material that is used on roads that are in quite good condition but need waterproofing and retexturing. It is a cold-lay material and therefore saves energy in its production and it is also mixed within the machine on site so it doesn’t need to be transported from a factory before using it. This also saves time and keeps lorries off the road.


15. My road has just been surfaced with wet bitumen covered in stone chippings, what is this?

This is Surface Dressing, it is a very commonly used treatment for roads in the UK when they are in quite good condition but need waterproofing and retexturing. It is very fast to install but we need to make sure that residents and road-users are careful immediately after it is installed as the bitumen takes a little time to harden and for the new surface to settle.


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