Advertising boards and trailers

Within Hounslow it is not unusual to see goods from retail premises displayed in the street. Whilst displays of goods can be considered by some members of the public to enhance the street scene, they cannot be licensed and, as a result, need to be controlled.

There are a number of factors to consider when determining whether an advertising board is considered a high or low risk to highway users. If, following a risk assessment, the results are predominantly unsatisfactory relative to the list detailed below, then action will be required to secure the removal of the board as soon as possible. However, if there is less cause for concern the priority for action will be low.  The relevant factors include:


  • Complaints relating to a number of ‘A’ boards or goods for sale in the locality that are causing problems to pedestrians and other road users.
  • Poor stability of ‘A’ boards or goods for sale.
  • ‘A’ Boards and Goods for Sale left in the street when the property is closed, or which are chained, tied or fixed to lamp posts, bollards, seats or other items of street furniture.
  • That there are dangerous projections which could be considered a trip hazard or could cause an injury to passing pedestrians.
  • The ‘A’ Board or the Goods for Sale restrict access to public utility apparatus and equipment (i.e. access chambers, drains and inspection chambers etc.)
  • The level of danger, nuisance or inconvenience caused by the ‘A’ Board or Goods for Sale in relation to the Link and Place category of Footway/Footpath on which they are placed.


If you would like to report advertising boards or goods for sale outside retail premises, please submit an online enquiry.


Advertising Trailers

A large and intrusive trailer which is placed on the adopted public highway for the specific purposes of advertising will be deemed wholly unacceptable. Such trailers are a major visual intrusion and will be dealt with as a high priority in line with our enforcement procedure, and in a similar manner to cars and other vehicles for sale. 

If you notice advertising trailers on the adopted public highway please contact us using our online form.

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