Deep Cleanse frequently asked questions

What is the deep cleansing programme?

This programme will deliver a holistic cleansing and enforcement programme targeted at certain roads, which have been identified as requiring  dedicated action to bring them up to the highest standard. The programme will involve:

  • mechanical and manual cleansing;
  • graffiti teams;
  • gully (gutter) cleansing;
  • environmental officers addressing overgrown vegetation and unlawfully placed domestic and trade waste.

Hounslow Highways uses the Code of Practice for Litter and Refuse (CoPLR) to grade the streets and pavements in the borough. The deep cleansing programme will endeavour to clean the streets and pavements to a grade A standard. The outcome of this will be a cleaner road for longer.


Where is the programme for the roads to be deep cleaned?

The Deep Cleanse programme recommenced on 8 April 2019. Please see the current schedule here.


How will I know when my road is being deep cleansed?

Please see the June-July 2019 schedule here.

Also, keep your eyes open for signs on lamp columns and other street posts, which will give you information on when the road will be cleaned. There will be signs for the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, large “tow-away” signs along with cones along the street. Please take the time to read the signs if you see them as this will advise you of when the traffic order will be in place.


What will happen if I don’t move my car?

No, please find alternative parking on the day of the deep cleanse. 

A Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine) will be issued and the vehicle will be moved by the lift and shift operation so it is not obstructing the works. For this operation, the vehicle will be removed to a location nearby. Exemptions will be considered for disability, private builders, special events (weddings, etc) if prior notice is given here.

If you require your car for disabled access, please click here.


I am disabled, what can I do to tell someone that I need my car close by?

Please raise an enquiry on our website here, and include your contact details so we can discuss a way forward.

Alternatively, please ensure your registered disabled badge is clearly displayed within the vehicle along with a note telling us your property number so an operative can speak to you on the day. It may be that we move your car for a short period of time, close to your existing space, to allow us to get to that section of the channel (gutter). Hounslow Highways will work with you on this occasion as we understand it is important for you to have your vehicle close to your property.


What if I am on holiday and my car is left on my road?

Hounslow Highways does understand that people may be on holiday, however, we cannot manage individual requirements and therefore any parking contravention will result in enforcement. Enforcement means that a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine) will be issued and the vehicle will be moved by the lift and shift operation. For this operation, the vehicle will be removed to a location nearby. Residents who know they are going to be on holiday will need to give prior notice here.


What is a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)?

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is an application for a road closure, however in this case we want to stop people from parking in the road. The road itself will remain open in most circumstances.

The Traffic Order will restrict parking in the road for a period of time and this means that any vehicle parked in this area will have enforcement action taken. Enforcement action means that a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fine) will be issued and the vehicle will be moved by a lift and shift operation.


My street is on the deep cleanse programme, how long will it take?

The operation won’t last for a full day, however we are unable to give timings as it is dependent on a number of factors, such as whether there are schools nearby. 


Will this affect my weekly waste collection?

No, this will not affect your weekly waste and recycling collections.


Why are you not doing my road?

The first phase of the programme will target certain roads, which have been identified as requiring additional remedial work to bring them up to the highest standard. If successful, we are hoping to roll this programme out across other areas in the borough.


Are you doing any other work at the same time?

4-6 weeks before the deep cleanse, a member of the Hounslow Highways team will inspect the road for any overhanging vegetation on to the footpath and ask the property owner to cut it back. If this does not happen, an enforcement notice will be issued under Section 154 of the Highways Act 1980. If this legal notice is ignored the vegetation will be removed and financial costs will be sought from the property owner. Failure to pay could result in action at the small claims court.


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