A cleaner borough

Delivering cleaner streets and a better environment for everyone.

The appearance and cleanliness of Hounslow’s streets is one of the most important parts of our service. We want our borough to be the one where businesses choose to operate from and where people want to live, visit and relax.

With new equipment and new ways of working, we want to keep our streets and public places as clean as possible.

We are responsible for cleansing the roads, footways, footpaths and grassed areas within the Project Network.

This includes the removal of waste arising from litter including detritus, leaf, blossom, twigs, dust and decayed matter, weed growth, staining, fly-posting and graffiti.

If you notice a local road, footway, footpath or grassed verge that requires cleansing please contact us using our online form.

On receipt of an enquiry Hounslow Highways will have the road, footway/footpath or grassed verge inspected by a Community Environment Officer within one business day to establish how clean the location is in accordance with the Code of Practice for Litter and Refuse with respect to Litter and Detritus.

If found to be below the cleanliness standard, the location will be restored to the correct standard within 24 hours of the inspection.

On the contrary, if the standard is at an acceptable level no immediate action will be taken but the area will be remedied during the next available cleansing cycle.

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