Dealing with Storm Doris

27 Feb

Hounslow Highways helped keep the borough safe by reacting quickly and efficiently to a number of incidents including several fallen trees as Storm Doris tore across the borough last week.

Dealing with Storm Doris

Regular storm meetings with emergency staff and ensuring that all reports from members of the public and staff on site were channelled through our central Operations HUB meant resource was effectively distributed and response times to incidents was quicker.

Hounslow Highways Service Director, Martin Clack, said: “Collectively, our teams responded to 37 incidents relating to Storm Doris last week. It was necessary to close some roads and footpaths for safety reasons while trees and associated debris could be safely removed and additional inspections could be carried out to mitigate risk.”

To report any concerns regarding incidents on Hounslow’s streets, please do so here.

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Dealing with Storm Doris

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